13 April 2012
Invitation to be a Stakeholder in the European Begeistring Community
How about being a Stakeholder in the European Begeistring Community?

A European Network of Practitioners like you, working with Appreciative Inquiry and Other Strengths-Based  Change Approaches.

A Network deeply committed to the relational way of working, high quality connections and learning opportunities.

Practitioners seeking to connect their best practices, combine diversity and co-create a vibrant landscape of events and resources within the European Spirit.

The European Begeistring Community offers co-operation and support through access to a vivid and active Network of Professionals and to an increasingly important reference point for Appreciative Inquiry.

How about becoming a Co-creator of the Begeistring Network with its vision to make a huge difference in the world through actions and through sharing the curiosity to see what more there will be and can be?
Develop connections with other professionals across Europe to better serve your European clients.
Exchange and share
best practices by working together.
Make connections
with people in your own field of work.
Enrich your practice
by taking part in Pan-European research or learning opportunities.
Build your strengths and resilience
in your own life, work and career, family and friends or future situations.
Have your company visible
and searchable by potential clients and academic bodies interested in speaking with AI practitioners.
Enjoy an active and growing web based learning platform
offering accessibility, kinship, recognition, support, intelligence, materials, connections, opportunities.

Bring your passion and expertise as a Begeistring Network Stakeholder

co-construct the Network …

  • Bring your passion for co-creating futures to translate the ideals of the Network into building an interactive learning community.
  • Bring your expertise on posting, editing and updating a web-based learning platform to keep vital information flowing to Network members.
  • Become part of this remarkable Network and enjoy its services and visibility with your sponsorship. Choose your sponsorship level at www.networkplace.eu
Enjoy and co-create an active and growing web based learning platform offering accessibility, kinship, recognition, support, intelligence, materials, connections, and opportunities.

Your contribution through sponsorship and/or active participation in working with the web-based environment will help the community to move forward in collaboration and broadening the Begeistring landscape.

On a very practical matter there is a need to move www.networkplace.eu to a more collaborative and inclusive platform and to integrate the work we have started with the Grundtvig project on www.learningeurope.eu

If you are excited by the idea of co-constructing the future of the European Begeistring Community,
do reply and say how you want to be involved.

We look forward to hearing from you

Best wishes,

On behalf of Network Advisory Group

Kees Ahaus, TNO Management Consultants, Netherlands
Anthoula Athanassiadou
, Greece
Griet Bouwen, vzw Stebo, Belgium
Joep de Jong, Van Harte & Lingsma, Netherlands
Mille Duvander, Intersmil, Denmark
Mario Gastaldi, Brain Team Consulting, Italy
Klara Hejdukova, Systemic Institute, Czech Republic
Yianna Klissari, Greece
Leif Josefsson, Metaspace,
Helena Kettleborough, England
Peter Bach Lauritzen, Denmark
John Lodder, Balance Consultancy, Croatia

Steve Loraine, OInterventions, England
Claire Lustig-Rochet, CLR Conseils, France
Johanna Nordström, MacMannBerg, Sweden
Anne Radford, AI Practitioner, England
Cora Reijerse, All about Change, Netherlands
Daniel Richardsson,
Ann Shacklady-Smith, England
David Shaked, Almond Insight, England
Harris Valassoglou, Serendity ltd, Greece
Karin van Kesteren, Netherland
Bert Verleysen, vzw Stebo, Belgium

Sven Sandström & Lisen Kebbe, Sweden
Bernard Tollec, Involve Consulting, France
Annet van de Wetering, TNO Management Consultants, Netherlands
Kaj Voetmann, Denmark

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