1 February 2009
Announcing the February 2009 AI Practitioner and new AIP design
The international journal of Appreciative Inquiry, AIP eNews February 2009

Announcing the February 2009 AI Practitioner and new AIP design

Working Boldly with Appreciative Inquiry: Examples from the UK AI Network

Guest editors: Julie Barnes and Anne Radford

'We are currently excited by ideas of boldness. We know that stories of others’ boldness inspire us to be bold ourselves. This issue of AI Practitioner is about boldness in the UK AI network', say Julie Barnes and Anne Radford.

There are six articles, in Part 1, about new models, ways and places where people have been bold in their use of AI with stories from two business leaders, board members safeguarding children and staff transforming social care for adults with disabilities.

Part 2 includes stories about evaluating leadership programmes, debriefing regeneration projects and building co-operative learning out-of-doors for children.

And you might want to check out the wordles created by one practitioner – a colourful way of putting together words she associated with AI.

About the New AIP design

The February 2009 issue launches the new AIP design. The new design is based on your feedback in last year’s survey. AIP now has a cover page showing topics covered in the issue.

The Table of Contents is fuller than before with authors’ names and article description alongside the article title. Clicking on an article listing now takes you directly to the article. At the end of the article, a click brings you back to the Table of Contents where you can choose your next article.

There is a new section, AI Research Notes, managed by Jan Reed and Lena Holmberg who will be highlighting research in progress around the world using AI. Gervase Bushe at Simon Fraser University in Canada and Chris Jansen at University of Canterbury in New Zealand are the first contributors.

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2009 New subscription year
The four issues in the 2009 subscription are:

February 2009 Working Boldly with AI Examples from the UK AI Network
Guest editors: Julie Barnes and Anne Radford
May 2009 Intergenerational Dialogue
Guest editors: Joyce Lemke, Marjorie Schiller and Peter Whitehouse, USA
August 2009 Appreciative Systemic Practice
Guest editor: Carsten Hornstrup, Denmark
November 2009 Appreciative Leadership – the leaders' stories
Guest editor: Helena Kovacs, Sweden
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