25 October 2009
Announcing the November 2009 AI Practitioner - Appreciative Leadership: An Insider's Perspective on Changing Reality

Appreciative Leadership: An Insider's Perspective on Changing Reality

Guest editors from Sweden: 
Maja Helena Saiduddin (formally known as Kovacs), Sara Larsson and Mats Lundqvist

Part 1: Inspiring: Exploring Leaders in the Making 
Eight alumni of a Swedish leadership course describe how AI transformed their realities

Part 2: Wake-up Call: Leaders of the Future 
Three masters students talk about their journeys to become strong appreciative leaders and build a profound base for the future.

Part 3: Discovering: Appreciative Leaders Already Out There 
Three leaders talk about their experience in situations such as collaborative book writing and working outside personal comfort zones.

In AI & Research Notes, the focus is on IT researchers' experiences using AI in the field. Lena Holmberg describes how she started to combine software process improvement research and AI.

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AIP issue November 2005 Empowerment and Leadership. Guest editors: Anne Radford and Julian Rizzello

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February 2009 Leaders Going Boldly Forward by Wendy Briner and Eunice Aquilina

February 2008 Integrating Appreciative Inquiry with Storytelling: Fostering Leadership in a Healthcare Setting by Lani Peterson

November 2005 Sustaining Appreciative Inquiry in Local Government: A Challenge of Leadership by Darcy Simmons and Laverne Webb

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