6 February 2015
A New Systems Thinking conference in the city of diversity and magic - Prague (17-20 June 2015)
It’s called the European Sharing on Systems Thinking, and the subject is System Thinking in Times of Change.
Speakers, who are system thinkers from all over Europe (and a single South African) will give a short speech followed by a workshop, where you can actively discuss, challenge, learn...
Dennis Sherwood, the author of the book “Seeing the Forrest for the Trees”, will give the opening keynote.

Add to this some time for informal networking, and an open space session, where you can give or get input on what is challenging in the world of Systems Thinking.
Finally a possibility to connect to the place where we are: the city of Prague.
Systems Thinking is an interesting angle for leaders and consultants.
Some Czech banks have shown interest in adding a discussion to the project’s Open Space titled: Banks of the Future.

You can read much more on the website: www.systems-sharing.eu

There is an early bird reduction until February 15, and also a discount if more than three from the same company participates.

This event is the first in a series of European Sharings on Systems Thinking - with a new theme for each event. Our goal is to create unique conference events, using our experiences as participants and organisers in a number of events. Events where, just as in the AI network meetings, the Topic is combined with connecting to the place where the conference is held and on top of that to add some good culinary experience.

If you have any questions, Peter is available on mail peter@petelau.cz or phone +420 734 725 188

Please feel free to share this with anyone you think could be interested.
We hope we will see you in Prague

 Klára and Peter
Updated 06/02/2015
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